2019 Annual Conference with Lee Gatiss

Save the Date: Wednesday 22nd May

More details coming in the New Year

2018 Conference with Lis Goddard

Partnerships for the Kingdom - Strategic & Missionary

This day is for those who are interested in building Christ’s church rather than empire building, and who are willing to think creatively about what that looks like.  

Taking 1 Corinthians 3 as our pattern, this day will look at how we can be radical in our approach to ministry, strategic in our partnerships and thoroughly missional in our thinking, always acknowledging that the work is God’s not ours.  We will look at what it means to work across boundaries and to enable all churches to become ‘Resource’ Churches, for the growth of the Kingdom.

The day will be divided into 2 sessions: in the morning we will be looking primarily at 1 Corinthians 3 and thinking about some biblical principles which should underlie the way we do ministry and mission.

In the afternoon we will be thinking about what that means for us today in our contexts.  There will be the opportunity for small group work, questions and prayer.


2017 Annual Conference with Frog Orr-Ewing

Mission for Millenials and Beyond: Hopes, Dreams and Lessons from Latimer Minster

In 2010, Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing pioneered a new approach to church and mission, launching a new church in south Bucks with a distinctive vision.  Seeking to reach young adults, to integrate worship, prayer, the mind, community, land, and business, and to be a resource for the wider church, Latimer Minster now meets on a 70-acre farm in south Bucks.  Their model has proved singularly effective in reaching millenials: this conference will bring us much food for thought in our own churches. 

2016 Conference with Revd John Dunnett

Daniel in Exile banner

Daniel in Exile – a Model for Church Leadership Today

Speaker: Revd John Dunnett, General Director CPAS and Chair of the Evangelical Group on General Synod (EGGS).

At this year’s conference we will consider how the experience of Daniel informs and shapes leadership and mission in the local church today. 

2015 Conference with Revd Paul Perkin

Anglican Futures

According to Justin Welby last November, world Anglicanism is a ‘flourishing Communion but also a divided Communion’.  The Church of England is not immune: churches are growing, yet tensions are rarely far away. 

This year’s DEF conferences – daytime in St Albans, evening in Bedford -  take a candid look at the challenges and opportunities facing evangelicals in the Church of England and the wider communion. What will it mean for us to act with principled and loving biblical faithfulness?  How should we relate authentically to those who deeply disagree with us?  And what are the opportunities for the gospel in current debates?

Living God's Love: Making New Disciples - 2013 DEF Annual Day Conference - 23rd May 2013

In the third of our series of annual conferences responding to 'Living God's Love', we looked at 'Making New Disciples', with the help of Bishop Graham Cray, from Fresh Expressions.

Audio recordings from the 2 sessions with Bishop Graham are now available - (follow the "Read more" link)

Sadly we had to cancel the planned evening session, and we would like to apologise to those whom we were unable to contact about this, and who travelled to the venue to find that no meeting was happening. Please try again next time - only do check the website before leaving!

Living God's Love: Transforming Communities - 2012 DEF Annual Conference

Thursday 26th April 2012

Communities which transform people - People who transform communities.

Please note: the evening meeting has been cancelled. The daytime meeting will be going ahead as planned.

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