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Who we are

We are a fellowship of evangelical Christians in the Diocese of St Albans (lay and ordained) working to support one another and to promote evangelical faith and practice across the diocese in partnership with the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC).

We aim to do this through an annual day conference, newsletters, local gatherings of church leaders, pastoral support of individuals, initiating communication with and responding to the diocesan bishop on matters of importance to evangelicals, and encouraging evangelical participation on synods, boards and committees across the diocese.

Membership of the DEF is open to clergy and laity who live or work or are members of a Church of England congregation within the diocese of St Albans (or who in the opinion of the committee are qualified by previous membership) and who support the aims of the Fellowship and assent to the CEEC basis of faith and declarations.

Our Committee

The majority of the committee is elected by the members for a period of three years. In order to to ensure good balances of gender, the different streams of evangelicalism and geographical representation across the diocese, the committee may co-opt further members.

Links and Affiliation


CEEC is a network of networks, bringing evangelicals in the Church of England together for the sake of the gospel.  The St Albans DEF is affiliated to this body. Members of the DEF assent to the CEEC Basis of Faith and additional declarations.

The Junia Network

The Junia Network is a network of women ordained into the Anglican Church from across the evangelical spectrum.

It includes all stages of ministry, from ordinands to those who are retired and from permanent deacons to bishops. It exists to support and to encourage its members to pray for one another in their ministries, to learn from scripture, the Spirit and one another, and to give a voice to ordained evangelical women in the wider Church.

Church Society

Church Society was founded in 1950 with the merger of the Church Association and the National Church League which were established in the 19th century.  Through the late 20th century, Church Society developed the youth network CYFA and Pathfinders and for many years co-ordinated the work of Diocesan Evangelical Unions/Fellowships.  Today, the society exists to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and for the future.


ReNew is a movement seeking to support a nation of healthy local churches for the evangelisation of England. In God’s strength and for his glory, ReNew Churches seek to pursue the ReNew Agenda locally, regionally, and nationally. 

New Wine

The New Wine network was born in St Albans Diocese, in the ministry of David Pytches, vicar of St Andrew’s Chorleywood (and previously Bishop of what was then the Diocese of Chile, Bolivia and Peru). It has a vision to equip the local Church to release confident, Spirit-filled followers of Jesus, with a desire to see:

  • Churches filled with the presence and power of God, overflowing with love and hope to their communities
  • Individual Christians who know how to move in the power of the Spirit, making God known in their streets and workplaces
  • Relationally generous individuals and churches, giving away as much as they have received from God

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